What Is Online Casino KYC Procedure?

KYC Procedure with Casinos

New players registering at Canadian casinos can be surprised when the casino requests from them full KYC. Just imagine, you register at one of the Canadian casinos, fund your player’ account and start the game. When you win some money, you request a cashout. And then the casino requests from you documents such as copy of your ID, proof of deposit and your utility bills. Are you wondering why do they need all these documents?
Here you will find out about the need for online casino KYC procedure and why you should complete KYC verification. There are a range of reasons for online casino KYC.

What Is Online Casino KYC Procedure?

All licensed and reliable Canadian online casinos at some point request the player to complete online casino KYC procedure. This is not just a whim of operators, but a requirement of jurisdictions in which they are licensed. Why is this verification required? Casino verification is the “Know Your Customer” method. The law requires Canadian online casinos to check whether their website is being used for illegal purposes, for example, for money laundering. In fact, casinos are obliged to make sure that the money that is deposited by the player to the casino account belongs to the player, and not received by criminal means. Online casino KYC is also security, both for casinos and for players. Thus, Canadian online casino protect themselves from attempts to cheat and non-compliance with rules.

What kind of documents do you need to submit if you play at Canadian online casinos?

As usual, Canadian casinos want you to prove your age, confirm identity and residence. To complete the account verification process, the player will need the following documents:

  • Proof of Identity

Passport, Driving License or official Government issued ID card. Must be a Passport, Driving License or other official Government issued ID card
Both Front and Back of ID card must be received
Document must be in date and not expired
Document must be showing expiry date
Document must show your unaltered photo
Document must show your date of birth
Water marks on documents must be visible

  • Proof of your home Address:

It can be utility bill, telephone bill or bank statement. The document should show your name and address in full And should be dated within the last 90 days.

  • Proof of Deposit

Screenshot or photo from online bank, bank statement, proving the deposit. Company name and amount must be visible.
Players will also need to provide documents to verify Deposit or Withdrawal methods:
If you made a deposit via e-wallets Skrill or Neteller, you will be required to submit Screenshot of profile page of your Neteller or Skrill account showing profile with postal address visible.
In case if the player uses Credit Cards: Front and Back of card used to deposit, with middle 8 numbers and CVC/CVV covered.
For Bank withdrawal: Bank statement must be dated within the last 90 days and full name and address must be visible.

Unfortunately, sometimes problems with online casino KYC occurs. Perhaps the players themselves do not expect that they will need to submit so many documents. As a result, they remain unhappy. The verification process does not always happen instantly. Players often complain about the delay with verification. But this problem occurs not in all Canadian casinos.
Some online casinos are suspected of delaying in completing verification process. They expect that the player will cancel the withdrawal, start playing again and lose his money.

If you want to play safely and complete online casino KYC procedure fast and smooth, we recommend you to play at Canadian casinos from out top rating.