Amazon is going to accept Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining footholds worldwide in different ways to be used. And the leader in all things cryptocurrency; Bitcoin, is making strides once more. Rumors claim that a leading online store will be accepting payments with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Amazon

Bitcoin has succeeded in having great value increase in 2017, and every week it is more accepted than the last. And with the latest rumors being spread from Silicon Valley the acceptance of Bitcoin is higher than ever. Amazon is next in line to accept it. These rumors stem from financial technology sources. The rumored effort was hinted to last month in a conference call covering earning held by investor James Altucher. In the call the date October 26th was said, along with Amazon’s plans to release an announcement involving Bitcoin. At the time this was all speculated meanings, but now the cryptocurrency community; especially the Bitcoin one, can only wait with giddy anticipation at the possibilities available to them in the coming future.

Awaiting the Acclaimed day

It is now October 26th, and we have not had news of the Amazon announcement just yet. But when asked about the rumors and speculations an Amazon spokesperson stated that when the need for new services and products was desired by customers that they do include them. The October 26th date was not set in stone, it is a project and sometimes they do take time, regardless Bitcoin should be accepted in the near future. At the moment the world and the online community is just waiting. Both Amazon and bitcoin seek to succeed in this effort. For bitcoin more acceptance is to be expected as well as more freedom to use the cryptocurrency. While amazon is gaining more potential earnings through another way to reach out to more people. This will surely be a success for both parties however we can only wait for this to happen.