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Top comparison site for Bitcoin Casino in Canada. If you are looking for bitcoin casinos that accept Canadian players – You are in the right place . We have prepared a list of secure Bitcoin casinos for your convenience with 24/7 support and best selection of Bitcoin games.
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If you’re about to decide what direction to choose, a bitcoin casino or a standard casino with Canadian dollars, we have you covered, 3 sections, clear guidelines , 27 amazing Canadian casino brands, 9 pure bitcoin casinos, some of the casinos accept us players. Check out the list bellow – Enjoy!


Many Canadian casinos while adding bitcoin in their cashier label itself as anonymous casinos, tons of banners and advertising that ” today you can deposit anonymously”. It’s not really as this casinos say, majority of the casinos require  to complete a registration form regardless how u plan to deposit with bitcoins or other crypto or  simply via Interac online. We have selected two brands  1xBit that is fully anonymous ( no email required ) and KingBit that requires only your email. Read more about anonymous btc casinos here and list of newest anonymous bitcoin casinos here.


Casino players always want to have access to the best casino promotions and bonuses, as well as the latest slot games. Therefore, with the advent of new bitcoin casinos, there is also the opportunity for players to access a series of exclusive bonuses and promotions that are addressed to those who open an account on the new btc casino.
It is important that when you open an account at a new btc casino, you should check some important issues for your security. Below you will find the list of the most important things to consider when opening an account at the casinos recommended by us.

How do you choose the right btc casino for you?

Choosing an btc casino, especially one that has just opened may be more difficult than you may think. For the safety of your bitcoins it is very important to choose only a bitcoin casino recommended by the specialists of our site. See list .
How can you be sure you chose a top casino?
The easiest way to test an online casino is to open an account, deposit and once you win, stop playing and request a cash out. If you get the money without problems and without being harassed by the casino’s anti-fraud department you can easily continue to play at this btc casino.

⚡ Bitcoin casinos – May 2020

kingbit casinokingbit casinokingbit casino

What to check when playing at a new online casino

✔️ License
✔️ Variety of casino games
✔️ Payment methods
✔️ Terms and conditions
✔️ License.

Our team has tested every casino in the list of Best Canadian Bitcoin Casinos. Only the best new casinos are listed! If we receive complaints, we immediately take action, lowering the rating of the casinos that cause problems for our members, reaching in some cases even listing them in the black list.

Canadian casinos – what do you want to say ?

Normally a Canadian casino would be a casino made in Canada, by a Canadian company and operated by Canadiens. Unfortunately the reality here is that any online casino in the world, that accepts players from Canada is called “ a Canadian casino”.
That is not that bad in our opinion, if the casino would have :
✔️ English and french version of the site , on some cases good online casinos create a special landing page for Canadians.
✔️ Canadian deposit methods as Interac online and Bitcoin.
If you want to play on trusted and secure online casino, we recommend you to try KingBit Casino if you plan to gamble with bitcoin, or at Yeti Casino running trough Interac online system. Read Review KingBit ( eng ), Read Review KingBit ( fr ) , Read Review Yeti Casino ( eng ).

What??? Canadian casinos welcome American players?

We CanadianBitcoinCasinos.com don’t limit any visitor from any geo on the planet earth from accessing our bitcoin casino guide, it is up to the user/visitor to read our guide, articles , leave a feedback or click and register a casino account.
The responsibility of accepting American customers falls under online casino solely, and if the casino is allowing you to register a casino account you can deposit and play , specially if the casino accepts bitcoins. Some of the btc casinos on our site may accept  US players, try your luck!

Free Bitcoin Casinos in Canada?

Yeah!, Sure! Since when bitcoin casinos are a charity organisation? They barely have a licence to operate, and for sure they don’t offer you any free bitcoins. Probably by free bitcoins casinos they wanted to say free spins casinos and with this freespins maybe you may have a chance to win bitcoins worth 10 cents. Don’t buy this “free bitcoin in casinos”, it’s a marketing move only. Read about what bitcoin really is next.

✅ About bitcoins

Bitcoin is one of the most talked subject in Canada. In the past year it has taken stock markets around the world by storm and has been growing in price capping at nearly twenty thousand US dollars. But when looking at this digital currency many people will just see an investment, which is not what bitcoin truly is. Bitcoin is a currency, and just like other currencies; Fiat or digital, it is a financial instrument.
The only difference between other financial instruments and bitcoin is that bitcoin is controlled by no one and it is totally anonymous, while banks and other payment methods are fully regulated and controlled by large companies and governments. Due to it’s nature and anonymity many casino operators integrated bitcoin in their Cashier, and today you can easily pick some amazing casinos on our  bitcoin casino guide. See bellow latest bitcoin casino reviews. ⬇

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1xBit is the only bitcoin casino and bookmaker that is totally anonymous. To register an account at 1xbit all you need to do is click on green button “Registration“. 1xBit is the only No email required bitcoin casino. Read more about anonymous bitcoin gambling here.

Gambling on the Go: everything is possible with Bitcoin casino Canada guide?

Today almost 99% of the bitcoin casinos run a full responsive version of the casino. Full responsive meaning you can access and navigate the casino on a Mac, all type laptops, desktop computers, all mobile and all tablet models. If you travelling, or you simply taking a ride from home to or from work  today’s technologies gives us the ability to enjoy our favourite casino games via mobile with same experience as playing home at the computer. Our  bitcoin casino guide is full responsive as well,  you can easily pick a new bitcoin casinonavigate the reviewsregister to a new bitcoin casino, deposit and  play via any device available.

Ensured Fairness — the best feature a Bitcoin casino Canada can offer

Bitcoin casinos you find on our guide strive to be fair to the players. The house edge is lower than the traditional levels at 1.5 to 2 percent. This makes it more fair to players increasing payout chance at every pull. Bitcoin casinos listed here goes one step further to ensure satisfaction, the “fairness” of the site is often transparent to the public eye proving that there is no way to manipulate the casino games.

Canadian Bitcoin Casino Games and slots

Some of your favorite casino games are available to you with the casinos listed on our Bitcoin casino guide . Slots are one of the most common and popular choices, and we bring you your choice of 3- reel, 5-reel, to the big money slots, and even some 3D gaming variations. But these are not all, Canadian Bitcoin casino casino lists also offer traditional table games.

But that isn’t all that you can find here, Bitcoin casino in Canada casino lists have live dealer card tables. The gambling experience has never been so realistic.

How to identify 100% safe casinos

Before even going deeper on this subject important to mention that casinos owned and operated by a public company are not supposed to worry you as a player. These casinos are fully regulated and conduct a good, correct and safe business, therefore its customers are always protected. An example of public companies that own and operate online casinos would be GiG or Aspire Global.

What you can find on CanadianBitcoinCasinos.com ?

CanadianBitcoinCasinos.com is a trusted bitcoin casino guide. We offer you only fresh and secure bitcoin casino listings. Recently we added Interac online casinos that are tailor made for Canadian players.

If you’re a new player or more experienced, the casinos listed on our bitcoin casino guide will give you an experience like nothing else. Most of the finest bitcoin casinos here are hosting hundreds of card game, dice games, thousands of slots, and many other casino games.

How to buy a bitcoin casino?

How to launch a bitcoin casino and bitcoin casino white label are two of the most popular subjects for entrepreneurs that are interested in launching an own bitcoin casino from Canada. Read here a very useful article dedicated to new entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their own white label casino.

Bitcoin casino as a business: all questions and answers

📌 Is it difficult to launch a bitcoin casino?
No, it is easy, at list this is how it looks from the casino white label sales pitch. In reality there are a lot of important processes you need to know, and most important to note that signing a contract with a white label company without any external consultancy is a big mistake. A white label consultant can help you save thousands if not hundreds of thousands on % fees to platform and game providers. Email us and will guide you through the whole process.

📌 How much does it cost to launch a bitcoin casino?
Between $15000-$40000.

📌 What you need to know before signing a contract with a white label provider?
contact us for consulting or read this article, and this one too.

📌 Are white label companies safe and fair?
unfortunately not, therefore we strongly advise you to contact us before any contact with the actual white label company.

📌 What is the minimum required stuff to operate a bitcoin casino?
Internal /shift : 1 support agent, External/shift : 1 affiliate manager.

📌 How much do you charge for consulting and advisory?
First initial call free of charge, after based on requirements and project involvement. It starts with $1000.

📌 Will you take part in the negotiation process for providers and platform fees?
Yes. This is the most important factor while taking on board a casino white label.

Playing casino with Bitcoin

As with all casinos, waging on the game is essential. And thankfully for the user betting with Bitcoins is not as difficult as mining for them. In order to start gambling all you need to do is load Bitcoins into your btc casino  account from your wallet, and away you go.

Every game has a betting option to allow for more freedom. Smaller or larger denominations are presented on screen to you. Simply select your amount and spin the reel or bet on the hand, it is that easy. Using BItcoin is just as easy as using fiat currencies at Bitcoin casino Canada, and we wish to help.

Legalities and regulations of a Bitcoin casino in Canada

A common question and concern from users is; “Is bitcoin gambling legal?”

At Canadian Bitcoin casino all listed casinos are  legal so the answer is  yes it is 100% legal. It is our goal to provide you, the user, with a safe and easy way to enjoy the best bitcoin casinos without legal backlash. Majority of the licensing information can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

The usage of Bitcoin around the world is legal, however certain countries do have varying laws on the matter, understanding what countries regulations apply to your selected Bitcoin casino is important.

Transactions costs at Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

Since the goal is to quickly and easily provide you with a safe and fun experience, most of the  Canadian Bitcoin casinos listed on our rating are  proud to have no transaction costs. All bitcoin transfers from your wallet to your Bitcoin casino account has no middle-man in Canada.

However just because there are no Transactions costs does not mean there are no drawbacks.This is a new format for many users, as such getting used to the concept may take time. The payment system is still newer and user practiced precautions will be more helpful than those outlined by banks.  But also a fluctuation in Bitcoin value may affect the gambling experience.

Why do we use Bitcoin to play at Bitcoin Casino Canada?

Bitcoin was developed and designed with the internet user in mind making it the ideal currency for online purchases and transactions. This makes it a win-win for the user as well.
Bitcoin itself has many added bonuses as a currency for online casinos. Bitcoin is another currency, it has a value itself. When wagering bitcoin; and you win, your earnings become another aspect in your overall wealth. Bitcoin is an investment. Different governments around the world are classifying it as a royalty. Bitcoin is market driven, as more people put money into the currency, the value is raised. It is also anonymous, and is the reason transaction fees are fast, easy, and low cost. This is why most of the casinos use Bitcoin.

What makes Bitcoin Volatile and why do Bitcoin casinos in Canada like Bitcoin?

One of the biggest concerns with Bitcoin is how the market is volatile. It is a digital currency, and due the that the true value is based on the people’s interest in it. The market value can drop or rise at a moment’s notice. One man’s influence can have a massive effect. Examples of this are Mt. GoX and the comments by J.P. Morgan Chase caused a market collapse.

But should I play with Bitcoin at Canadian Bitcoin casinos?

Ultimately the answer the this questions is yours alone.The safety of the user is the most important thing to any  Bitcoin casino. Canadian Bitcoin casinos enjoy bringing state of the art originality to you for your enjoyment. This is a new idea. One that has massive potential. Bitcoin is a growing market.

Alternative currencies are becoming more popular around Bitcoin casinos in Canada. It is only a matter of time before they are common and prevalent than ever before. Why not be ahead of the curve? Get started now and start earning your way to the top with casinos at Bitcoin casino in Canada. We look forward to having you be a part of the growing new trend. Customer service is available 24/7 for all email or calls. Any questions please feel free to inquire.

Interested to buy a bitcoin casino

More information can be find here – bitcoin white label.

Frequently Asked Questions – Canadian Bitcoin Casinos

✅ How to setup a new Bitcoin casino account ?

Before setting up a Bitcoin casino account every user must first have a bitcoin account, and thankfully the setup is simple and easy. It takes a few more minutes after following the step by step instructions from companies like Coinbase, Bitstamp or any other trusted crypto exchange.

✅ How to deposit bitcoins from bitcoin wallet to bitcoin casino ?

After you have created your bitcoin wallet, pick a bitcoin casino from this list ,register a player account, go to cashier, select bitcoin, and you’ll be given an adress where to send your bitcoins, go back to your bitcoin wallet , press send bitcoins, add the adress from the bitcoin casino cashier and click send. The process should take up to 1 min. Sometimes a bitcoin transaction from wallet to bitcoin casino can take up to 30 min.

✅ How do I get a Bitcoin wallet set up ?

  1. This is one of the most asked questions. And with good reason. One of our other writers already has an in depth article on this matter; “here”. The first step is to find the website you wish to start your wallet with. Examples of these are Coinbase or Bitstamp. These websites also function as exchanges for the  crypto currency. Every wallet is going to be a little different than the rest, but all follow the same general structure and security.
  2. The second step is to fill out the websites application form. A username and password will be needed to establish the general security of your account. As well as the inclusion of your email.
  3. Thirdly an email will be sent to you for the purpose of authentication.
  4. The last step is logging in. Logging in will finalize your bitcoin wallet for usage on the go or in the security of your own home.

What casinos accept bitcoin ?
Most of the casinos with Curaçao licence have bitcoins as deposit and withdrawals method. Maltese(MGA) casinos don’t accept bitcoins yet.
What are bitcoin casinos ?
Bitcoin casinos are casinos that offers players to deposit with bitcoins, simple as is.
How do bitcoin casinos work ?
The bitcoin casinos deposit process is similar to any other deposit methods, the only difference is that bitcoin deposit methods it is anonymous.

How to make money promoting casinos with bitcoins?

If you above 18 and you have good writing skill , partner with us! We will introduce you to affiliate business ,train you how to make money while writing about bitcoin gambling. The training includes a full affiliation 10 hours training with our affiliate business trainer , on top you will get access to over 20 bitcoin casino programs for start. If it sounds interesting drop us a message here.