Animal Slots in Bitcoin Casinos

We very often wish each other good luck. But some believes that there is not such thing as a “luck”, everything is just a random events. Despite all of that, the fact remains that there are a lot of beliefs surrounding good fortune. And some of them related to different animals, that are believed to bring a luck. That’s why most casino providers have slots with animal themes. Let’s take a trip and find out which animal slots will bring you luck, playing in Bitcoin casino.


The first and main lucky animal is a rabbit.  Rabbit is symbolic of fertility and prosperity in many countries. In some European countries, children get white rabbits as a gift that is believed to provide them with a successful life. In addition, in UK and North America, people usually say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” when they just wake up in the morning.
Probably not all of you would like to keep rabbit foot in your pocket while playing casino online, but definitely you should try your luck playing one of the most popular animal slots Lucky Rabbit Loot in bitcoin casino and White Rabbit in PlayOjo Casino.


The next lucky animal symbol on agenda is Goldfish. It is also responsible for fertility and abundance. In ancient Greece, people believed that it brings good luck in relationships and marriage. Besides, it is one of the eight sacred Buddha symbols and is considered happy throughout the world, but mostly in Southern Europe.

In Slavic tales, if you catch a goldfish, it will fulfill three your wishes. If you still didn’t try the Golden Fish Tank from Yggdrasil Gaming, it is the right time to catch a goldfish in Lucky Niki Casino and probably your three dreams will come true.


Frogs bring happiness for various reasons, but primarily because they are associated with rain. And why is the rain lucky? The answer is simple: when it is rainy, plants grow, and people are no longer hungry and happy. The frog is very popular symbol of luck in countries such as China and Japan. Frog is a talisman, leading to stability and well-being.
What will we offer on this topic? The famous slot Golden Money Frog by Quickfire. This slot is available in


Now we want to pay your attention to a really famous lucky animal – an elephant. It is a symbol of success in different cultures and religions, but primarily in Buddhism and India, more precisely, the Indian deity Ganesha.
An elephant with a raised trunk is a powerful symbol of luck and happiness, wisdom, prudence, royal dignity, invincible power, longevity, intelligence. This animal brings peace, stability, prosperity. And what is very important for casino players, it also protects against all risks and dangers.
If you want to try your luck with elephants, why not run the super-gorgeous Pink Elephants from Thunderkick in Bitstarz casino?


Cats were not only sacred animals in ancient Egypt, but also it is a sign of good luck in many cultures. Do you know about the famous Japanese figure of a white cat? It is called a maneki-neko. This amulet is believed to bring luck to the owner.
In Germany, for example, it is a good luck if a black cat crosses your path, but only if it occurs from right to left! If it does it from left to right, then it means the same thing as in the rest of the world. But let’s forget about superstitions and black cats! These poor black cats, what are they guilty of? How about just running the best cat’s slot collection in Mars Casino? The CatFather Slot, Big Win Cat, Tample Cat, Diamond Cats are waiting for you!

Bugs and Beetles

You’ve definitely heard of lucky scarab beetles, have not you? Amulets were extremely popular in ancient Egypt, because it was believed that the scarabs are connected with the sun, the God of Ra and his power.
Another type of beetle is the ladybug. It is considered to bring luck in different countries, but mostly in Europe. For example, in some countries, if the ladybug lands on you, this will undoubtedly lead to something good. Do not forget to make a wish before ladybug flies away.
And here is our offer for you: Love Bugs Slot by NextGen provider. This slot is available to play with Bitcoin in PlayOjo Casino.


And, finally, lets talk about the last but the cutest happy and lucky animal – a pig. As you can see, pigs are considered happy all over the world – from China to Germany. In Germany, the word “luck” is sometimes literally interchangeable with the word “schwein” (pig)!

Moreover, pigs have been considered a symbol of wealth since the Middle Ages. Need more evidence? Remember the piggy banks around the world! So, the last slot we recommend you is a funny 7 Piggies by Pragmatic provider, which is available for you in 7Bit Casino.

And what about you? Do you have a talisman in the shape of an animal and do you believe in its power? What animal slots are your favorite?