Guide to Anonymous Bitcoin casinos

Anonymous Bitcoin gambling – casino for high rollers inside

Bitcoin casino become more and more popular among Canadian players. One of the benefits of bitcoin gambling is anonymity, but be aware that not all bitcoin casinos are anonymous. Some of them call themself full anonymous bitcoin casinos but on same time they ask you on registration: email, phone and sometimes copy of your identity, this fake anonymous casinos simply using a marketing trick to attract bitcoin owners to their Brands.

If you really want to stay anonymous there are only few anonymous btc casinos online – one of them is 1xbit1xbit review here that offers its clients:

1xbit anonymous gambling site 1. Full anonymity
2. Best bitcoin sports betting site and largest sport events in pre match and live betting
3. Top and largest collection of casino games
4. Super quick deposits and withdrawals
5. 1xbit casino and sports will welcome you with a 100% bonus up to 1btc.

Ready to start? First Click here, than press registration, a new page will load and immediately you will be given an username and password, make sure u save it. C’est tout you’re in.

Please note the only way to be tracked is via ip. But if u use a good vpn you’re 100% invisible and anonymous.

We believe that gambling should be regulated and controlled, but we admit that you know what you doing and that you passed age of 18, you’re not in USA or any closed for gambling market and not gambling addicted.

Another btc casino is – the newest bitcoin casino launched in May this year, offering some sort of anonymous gambling. ‘Some sort of’ anonymity in this case is a requirement to enter a valid email and password, it’s easy and if you use a separate for gambling activity email it is a ‘sort of’ anonymous casino. If you ready to give a try click here, register, pick your favourite bitcoin casino games and have fun.

What can happen if you’re not attentive to details.

One true story starts with a successful crypto investor that decided to gamble 50 BTC. 50 Large that time (traded 17 k /BTC), no worries our crypto millionaire made easy money being first early investors in BTC and ETC, so money is not an issue here, but his story can prevent many unpleasant situations for other players.

The Story how to lose 50 BTC in less than 10 min.

He introduced to us as Den, bellow his story:

“ Last February – business and crypto were doing amazing. One of those boring mornings in office i started to watch adult videos on my mac, and than an ad drived my attention saying full anonymous casino, bonus up to 5 BTC, i found it interesting, and on top, the ad was very usa friendly (american flag on background), so without thinking i signed up. Why not if it is fully anonymous and usa friendly what more? But once i start registering the anonymous bitcoin casino started to request my name, phone and even they requested to upload my id saying that will make the withdrawal process easier .After all this took me around 10 min i didn’t doubt for a moment and deposited 50 Large (reminding 1 btc was traded 17000 usd) .

What happened next it is crazy, the casino simply disabled my player account, confiscated all my player balance. I tried to speak to customer service but they stated “you are from usa and usa is listed as blocked country we temporarily disabled your player account”.
For a second i didn’t think the casino could steal my btc, i was sure they will simply refund my deposit and close my player account. But in reality one hour later the casino shut downed the site and i lost my BTC”. I learn my lesson, do homework before gamble online, specially on such stakes as i am.”

We asked Den what he means when he says “make homework” and he explained that:

Don’t trust ads, especially from porn, the ads are done on purpose to attract you on any price.
Never deposit more than 0.01 to test a new bitcoin casino.
If depositing big amounts suppose to Read reviews from other players on specific casino.
Have to read terms & conditions of the relevant casino.

We explained you on this post what is real anonymous casino, and how to pick the right btc casino.
We saying gambling is nothing but losing money at the end of the day .

“On long term all players lose money! House always win”

And why? Because we players always want to win!
If we didn’t convince you to quit gambling remember 1.don’t make Den’s mistake 2. Always gamble responsible. 3. 18+