Anonymous winner – A Christmas story

Anonymous winner – A Christmas story

December is probably the most amazing part of the year, December is always special not only because of the gifts that we give each other on Christmas holidays but also because only at Christmas you always with someone you love.
Talking about love we refer to family and friends, and what can be nicer than sharing with your friends your lucky spin experience that covered in full all the Christmas gifts and parties. It’s true when people say miracles happens on Christmas – and this time the miracle is that we have a lucky Christmas winner that will share with us his amazing story.

Our heros name is Nick A., proud Canadian, musician (piano player) and pet lover, has 4 amazing sisters and 2 brothers. Lives with 2 adopted dogs ( Moggi and Yoko ) in Toronto, loves Netflix ,adores reading books and local paper newspapers, hates social networks, has no facebook or instagram account and most important loves and helps his big family.

True that having 4 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers not easy, but our hero manages to study, work and at the same time be there when needed for his family. It’s a fact our Nick is a good guy, who is against all the fake news and social boring stuff.

You may ask why such a lovely family man as Nick and why and how he is connected to bitcoin casinos, the answer is that he is not connected in any form, he is not a gambler at all. He is a simple guy, that goes to work every day, pays his bills and etc. He found out about bitcoin casinos by chance.

The story about bitcoin casino starts with a quick job offered by a client, the job was to join a band play piano at a Christmas party for a crypto oriented agency, which Nick accepted , they even offered to pay for his play in bitcoins. Our hero accepted the deal even by that time he had no idea about bitcoins and crypto, how it works, but he believed there is nothing complicated.
Few searches in, and this is how Nick found our site, he found a detailed review on bitcoins, wallets, and useful tips from our editors.

As you know we are a canadian bitcoin casino site, that lists most trusted names in Gambling industry. We give useful tips not only where it is safe

After he navigated more subjects on our site he landed to best Christmas deals, the offer was deposit 10 mbtc or 100 CADS and get a 100% Bonus , Nick decided to give a try, signed up to Casino X , and deposited 100 Cads, as new player, and as first time playing online or offline casino , he clicked by mistake no to bonus, opened the slot X and spin it for the whole 100 CADS, and here miracle started: he won from 1 spin 100.000 canadian dollars!!!

We asked him what he felt, he said he didn’t even understood that he won, he received an email with congratulations note, and request to cash out his winnings, Nick cashouted 50.000 end of november and the remaining 50.000 just before Christmas.

What would you do with such a large amount won that easy? Yeah parties, maybe a new car, gadgets, maybe even play again to win more, most of the players play and loose the amounts won, but not our hero. He was as generous as a real man should be – most of his money he gifted to his family, and part of it – to dog shelter. The rest amount he spent on wonderful vacation, that he spent together with his girlfriend, where they had a time of their lives.

I guess, good luck came to Nick because he was open to see new perspectives in the sphere that was unknown to him before.

That’s Nick’s story, what is your opinion? What would you do if you won 100.000 CAD?

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p.s: Nick is 28 years old, real name is not Nick, rest is pure truth !
Nick never came back to gamble. Amazing, how one spin could bring so much happiness to someone’s life.