What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Top 3 Biggest Jackpots At Casinos

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Some people spend years playing in casino games and are constantly stay unlucky, while others come to the roadside cafe with $ 5 to drink a cup of coffee, and go out with a check for several million. We picked up top three luckiest players who managed to make a fortune and get the biggest jackpots in casino history.

Mr. X: watched a basketball game and became a millionaire

In March 2003, an unknown programmer came from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to watch a basketball game. Before starting of the game, the young man decided to go to the popular casino Excalibur and have some fun.

Some sources claim that the programmer has never been interested in gambling. Others say that the lucky one played only online slots and that evening he wanted to try his luck in a land-based casino. The programmer, who at that time was only 25 years old, spent less than $ 100 on a Megabucks slot machine, and received almost $ 40 million. The jackpot was considered as the biggest winning at casino history. For 10 years, many players tried to repeat the luck of Mr. X, but no one could.

The winner of Megabucks asked not to reveal his name to the press. He decided to take his winnings in parts, so Excalibur casino undertook to pay the winner $ 1.5 million annually for 25 years.
Most likely, representatives of Excalibur Hotel & Casino are happy to pay the lucky guy an annual payments, because his success has made the already well-known Las Vegas casino even more popular.

Johanna Huendl : never give up on breakfast and become a millionaire

In May 2002, Johanna Hundl, a resident of Covina, California, arrived in Las Vegas. The woman wanted to have fun on her weekend and try her luck. At that time she was 74 years old.
Johanna stayed at the Bally’s complex. Early in the morning, the woman went to the restaurant to have breakfast, but on the way decided to look into the casino and make a bet. She just wanted to have fun a little and to work up an appetite, and became a multimillionaire.
Johanna chose the Megabucks slot machine. Miss Hundl spent only $ 170 and win one of the biggest jackpots – $ 22.6 million. Johanna’s win is the second the most incredible winning on the Megabucks machine.
The shocked winner told the press that at first she thought she had won $2 million. She said that even this amount would have made her the happiest woman in the world.

Jon Heywood: How to earn 13 million without leaving home

You can set a record and win a large amount in an online casino. This was proved by Jon Heywood, a soldier of the British army.
In 2015, Mr. Heywood won the jackpot in the online slot Mega Moolah – £ 13,213,838.68. John admits that at first he didn’t even believe in the reality of what was happening. He thought that the system had crashed, and the next day, as usual, went to work.
The fact that he really became the winner, Jon Heywood learned from telephone call of the official representative of the online casino. The British soldier not only won one of the biggest jackpots, but also ruined he record of an anonymous Finnish player who won in 2014 Mega Moolah EUR 17,861,813. Heywood’s gain in euro equivalent at the 2015 exchange rate was 17,879,645 EUR. Due to the difference of 18000, he got into the Guinness World Records as the person who won the biggest jackpot at online casino.

Heywood record lasted only three years. At the end of September 2018, the biggest jackpot in the online slot history was won at Mega Moolah again. The lucky winner, whose name is still unknown, won € 18,910,668,01.
At the press time Mega Moolah jackpot is counted at 3.858.094 EUR (5,823,794.70 Canadian Dollar). Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming is available to play at many online casinos that accept Canadians.
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