Bitcoin Casino Tournament For Canadian Players

When we hear the word “tournament” we have an association with medieval knights, who fought for the title of the coolest and strong vassal of the king. In today’s online gambling world, it’s something similar. But the prize is not the kiss of a beautiful lady and not the title of “best squire”, but money. Real money including Bitcoins, sometimes free spins. Some online bitcoin casinos offer the equivalent of money, for example, a vacation trip for two or a pass to the next bitcoin casino tournament with a larger game pool. But anyway, the main thing in bitcoin casino tournament is the same – excitement, adrenaline and the wild desire to win.

Tournaments in bitcoin online casinos are held regularly. In order to join the bitcoin casino tournament it is enough to get acquainted with the information on the official website. Usually, announcements about the nearest tournaments are posted in the section “Promotions” or “Tournaments”. Thanks to such events, it becomes more interesting to play, and at the same time you can expect to generate more profit, playing in online bitcoin casinos.

Even all these tournaments are attractive for online bitcoin casino players, it is worthwhile to be more careful to join such events, as the financial costs on the way to victory can significantly exceed the cash rewards destined for the winners. Therefore, the best option is considered to be activities with open registration, with a pre-allocated prize fund. This means that there is no risk for players, participating in the tournament, playing slot machines, except the choice of online slots. And these players can be among the winners.

Currently, we can recommend you to pay attention to bitcoin casino tournament in 7Bit casino and to learn the new feature The Bits.

7Bit Casino has launched an exciting new feature which they call The Bits. Definitely, it is worth to check it. We are sure, you will like it. 7Bit has decided to hold the Summer Booster Race with 100,000 Bits and 500 Extra Spins prize pool. It sounds so appealing, doesn’t it?

What The Bits mean and How Players Can Get Them

7Bit Casino Summer Booster Race will bring you profit in two different ways – it will help you to understand how The Bits work and it will reward you with amazing prizes.What are the bits?
Put simply, bits are comp points which bitcoin players can use as a virtual currency and exchange it for real money bets. You get bits automatically, 1 Bit for every 0.0025 BTC.
Furthermore, you can exchange Bits for Bitcoins anytime when you collect at least 100 Bits on your account. To exchange the Bits to bonus money you first need to meet the 25 times wagering requirement.

Summer Booster Race Terms and Conditions

Once you open an account with 7Bit Casino, you’ll be able to get a precious selection of welcome bonuses and promotions. The latest promotion is bitcoin casino tournament Summer Booster Race. This Race will bring you a share of the prize pool worth 100,000 Bits and 500 extra spins. Prize money will be granted in EUR, but though by your request could be exchanged to Bitcoin or CAD.

How To Win The Bitcoin Casino Tournament

Place your bet and you are in the race.
Increase your racing speed by making real bets.
Every bet makes your closer to the Grand Prize.
You can play any slots to be in race.

Sign up 7Bit casino now to enjoy WELCOME 100% BONUS UP TO 1.5 BTC+100 FREE SPINS and to take part in Summer Booster Race.