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Bitcoin Gambling – How to Enjoy It

Bitcoin – How to Enjoy It

Volatility is probably the most used word nowadays in the trading world. Since the advent of Bitcoin there has been nothing but controversy and mystery surrounding this craze that has a hold on so many people all over the World. It’s popularity has grown to a level that no one could have ever dreamed of.
Countries are relying on it to survive; people are scrambling to buy blocks of Bitcoin at discount rates to jump on the bandwagon that has made teenagers millionaires overnight. Institutions have started to believe that crypto-currency is a vital addition to their portfolio of hedge funds and amidst all the flurry and bluster it doesn’t seem anyone is really understanding how to enjoy their Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin safe

Bitcoin was specifically designed to be an easy, cheap and unregulated way to store funds and spend them how you want. Not to be used as a tradable asset.

So how can you enjoy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Gambling

I love gambling and even though it is more socially acceptable I still find it a bind to travel to a local casino which is about 30 miles away in my local Indian Reservation. I want to play casino online anonymously and not have to be concerned about prying eyes or other people gaining access to my PC and using my account. I can now play incognito and all traces are gone when I close my browser. Playing on mobile is a wonderfully convenient experience to nowadays and most casinos support it. Best anonymous btc casino here

Wining bitcoin , what is next

So, after winning a fortune at the casino what do I do next. I looked about and you can actually buy a property with Bitcoin. In fact, lots of Vancouver’s most expensive properties has been bought with Bitcoin according to recent news articles. The Canadians are up in arms about it as property prices have rocketed.
Living next door to Triads might not suit all people but there are plenty of properties all over the World that can be bought with Bitcoin.
If you have a beautiful new expensive house, bought with Bitcoin of course, with a finely paved driveway and marble cladded garage you need a supercar to suit. So why not get that wallet out and transfer the coin for a Ferrari or Porsche. Yes indeed, you can buy spectacular motors at the press of a button.

Buy property with bitcoins

House…check. Sports car…check, luxury holiday…yes please! Plenty of bitcoin travel agents popping up now. From a weekend break at a spa to a round the world cruise. The options are endless if you want to enjoy your Bitcoin sunning or skiing.Overall there are more than 100,000 different outlets that accept Bitcoin now and the list is growing and growing. Withdrawing hard cash is easier than ever with thousands of ATM machines dotted all over major cities in the USA and around the World.
This isn’t some science fiction movie or fantasy, this is happening right now and everything I have detailed is currently available, plus much, much more. A simple Google search and you are presented with a treasure trove of websites and shops to spend your winnings.

The only thing you have to do is imagine a Bitcoin-only World and not worry about whether the exchange rate is going up or down, it bears no relevance on your wealth or situation because you hold Bitcoin and you buy in Bitcoin. Fluctuations are for traders, but you aren’t trading, you are enjoying.