Bitcoin Gambling Scam

How To Avoid Bitcoin Gambling Scam

Bitcoin gambling scam is very common nowadays. For this reason, it is very important to be cautious and clever enough before taking a dive into a Bitcoin casino, especially in Canada.

There are a lot of frauds in gambling industry and especially in Bitcoin gambling. Scams are smart tactics and there’s no better way to avoid these frauds than by being smarter than them. So we prepared for you simple tips to avoid them and not to become a victim of a treacherous scheme.

Choose Bitcoin casino carefully

The biggest and best online casinos, like KingBit casino or Konung Casino, have spent several years building their reputation and keeping reliable names. This means simply stealing 0.5 bitcoin from your account makes no point. They can make more money working fair and gaining an excellent reputation.

Only play with the biggest and best bitcoin casinos who are all highly ranked here on CanadianBitcoinCasinos. We can assure that they are safe and trustworthy operators with a long track history.

  • If you find a casino offering bonuses that are too good to be true, don’t forget to read some reviews and feedbacks from other players.
  • Check Blacklisted Bitcoin Casinos. You can find such lists at forums like Bitcointalk.
  • You can test the casino with small amount of bitcoins to see the quality of service, especially how the casino withdraw your funds.
  • A mandatory condition for the operation of a casino is a license. Check the number of license on the website or ask the support team.
  • Bet Bitcoin anonymously

    Most Bitcoin casinos doesn’t require such information like your full name, address, mobile phone number if you play with bitcoins. The less information they require the better for your safety because any information you give could be abused by the website or get into the hands of hackers.

    You can use follow tips for bitcoin anonymity:

  • Use a bitcoin wallet on your own computer, rather than a web wallet
  • Use VPN
  • Try to use a new address for every transaction
  • Set strong security and privacy settings on your computer
  • General online security

    Even if you choose trusted online casino you could still be the victim of bitcoin steel if your computer or internet connection are not secure. However, this can happen not only with your personal bitcoin wallet. You credit card or e-wallet may be at risk as well. To lower this risk you can do following:

  • Do not click on strange links in your emails or suspicious websites.
  • Use strong password generator to create secure passwords
  • Use 2 factor Google authentication
  • These are main steps to avoid Bitcoin gambling scam. Fraudster might be all over the internet. Nevertheless, having the information how to prevent scam in advance, there will be lesser chances of falling in these dishonest hands.