Bitcoin IRA; the future of investing

When we were younger there were very few cares in the world. We had no fear of bills, of eating healthy, or needing a job. But as we age we start working, get paid have payments; college, car, and rent. We start saving for a time when we need extra money. Life requires a budget. Saving for the future becomes our goal; after all, we cannot work forever.


Bitcoin IRA

Retirement funds are very important for the average worker. A prime example is a 401K; which sadly is not enough now a days as the cost of things has been increasing. However now individuals are able to open up an Individual Investment Fund or IRA using bitcoins. Through BitcoinIRA you are now able to do so.

The first step is to send an application and then transfer funds from your 401K or another IRA fund. A live call will then be used in order to purchase the bitcoins forming the new Bitcoin IRA. BitcoinIRA utilizes BitGO wallet in order to allow secure access to an individuals fund. Other cryptocurrencies are also available to use within your savings fund; Etherium, Ripple, litecoin and even Bitcoin Cash.


Ensuring the IRA

Protection of this fund is ensure in multiple manners. Access is enabled through the Wallet itself, by your individual IRA custodian, and also with a back up system called “”. But this is only the first layer of protection. Identification and voice verification is also necessary to access your IRA. The safety of the customer is of utmost importance for the investment company. But anything involving bitcoin is an investment. The more Bitcoin individuals add to the fund, the higher the chance that it will increase in value by itself. After all the bticoin market is growing more and more every day. This just makes saving that much more efficient.