Bitcoin Pizza; the most expensive Pizza

The date is May 18th, 2010 and you have a massive craving for pizza. You cannot wait to get some pizza. But you do not want to open up your wallet. I know! Let’s get on the internet and see if we can get some bitcoin pizza.

I will not say that these were the exact thoughts of the man who paid 21 million USD for 2 pizzas. But it would probably be mine.

The famous Bitcoin Pizza

Laszlo was a programmer living in Jacksonville Florida. He was regularly paid in the most sought after cryptocurrencies in the modern market; Bitcoin. On May 18th he made his request on the online forum “”. The thought of ordering another man his pizza is a little bit strange to me. Not to mention giving someone your address to order it for me might be a little bit estrange. Regardless Laszlo did it. He and his 1 year old daughter received their pizzas shortly thereafter on May 22nd.

Oven-baked Records

What could possibly be so special about two Papa John’s pizzas? Was the supreme pizza really worth 21 millions dollars? At the time no. But now it is a whole new story. In May of 2010 ten thousand bitcoins were only valued at about 41 dollars. Not that big of a deal for someone who was paid in bitcoins. In fact the first man to ever pay for pizza with bitcoins made the transaction an open offer. On June 12th of 2010 Laszlo posted again letting everyone know that he would trade 10,000 bitcoins for 2 pizzas. An offer he soon had to tell everyone he could not hold true for.

By early August the offer was withdrawn, but by then it was too late. The record setting pizza had already been purchased. Not only was it the first pizza to be bought with bitcoins, but it is also the most expensive pizza to date. And its value has only been going up more and more as time goes on. With the current market, this pizza very well could hold this record until the end of time.