What Canadian Players Should Know About Responsible Gaming

Bitcoin gambling is very exciting for Canadians, but very often players lose control over time and their finances. You can spend the whole day playing and lose all your savings. This tactic of the game is very harmful, as instead of the desired entertainment and positive emotions you can get a high nervous tension and disappointment. That’s why many Canadians bitcoin casinos begin to take care of their players and publish Responsible Gaming rules on their websites.

Here we would like to pay your attention to the main rules of Responsible Gaming at Canadian Bitcoin casinos.

Socially acceptable attitude to gambling

You should accept gambling as a way of entertainment, not as earnings. You need to work on your main job, and come to casino just for fun. It’s not necessary to turn a gambling into a job. It will not bring the desired income in the long term. Such an attitude will only result in disappointment.

You should believe in chance

Gambling is based on the random matching, and some of them turn out to be winning. You do not need to make up any strategy games playing with machines. It is all common fiction. Matching on gaming machines appear solely by the will of a random number generator, which is a programmed robot.


You need to set up a certain limit on the gambling. If you sign up and playing at bitcoin casino, you need to clearly regulate your finances. Many online casinos, like 7Bitcasino, understand that in the heat of excitement many players can not control their emotions and finances. We recommend you to allocate a certain amount for the gambling, which can not be exceeded. If this amount is over, then you just need to stop gambling and do something else. It is not necessary to transfer funds to your player’ account again and again. Such using of your finance will inevitably lead to disappointment.

We strongly recommend you to choose a casino which provides responsible gaming for players and let you to set up the limits. If you choose any of Bitcoin casino which we recommend, like Oshi casino, you can set up different types of limits. You can set up a deposit limit.for a day, a week, or a month. Also, you can set up Cooling-Off Limit for a certain period. While the limit is active you cannot deposit to the casino and you will be excluded from all promotional offers for the set period. Although, you may withdraw funds during this period.

At Oshi casino players can set Self-Exclusion Limit for a certain period. Your player account will immediately be disabled and you will be excluded from all promotional offers for the set period. You will not be able to deposit or withdraw funds. The casino will re-activate your account upon limit’s expiring.

Do not try to win your money back

If the fate has turned on you,no need to transfer more cash to your player’ account in order to win money that was lost before. This tactic of the game is based on emotions, and not on common sense. When you’re manic or depressed, you can lose not only your money, but also other people’s money.
Therefore, you need to learn how to accept losses.

Never play under the influence of alcohol

Even a tiny amount of alcoholic beverages significantly changes the mind and behavior of a person. You can gain self-confidence but a sense of self-control and sense of environment practically disappears. Under the influence of alcohol, a player can lose a large amount of money in pursuit of the jackpot. Therefore, you need to develop a rule for yourself – Never ever visit an online casino under the influence of alcohol.

Following the rules of Responsible Gaming will help you to get real pleasure from the gambling at Canadian Bitcoin casinos.