Cherch of Blerk; Utilizing Bitcoin to save Galveston

Natural disasters affect even the smallest of us, if we are lucky the effect is often indirectly affecting the average person. For those willing to help, there may not be enough ways to. But one group in particular saw the potential to aid those affected in Galveston by hurricane Harvey, Cherch of Blerk.


Cherch of Blerk

The International Cherch of Blerk is a group that believes in random acts of kindness. An established religion, and also a non-profit organization, the church of Blerk was established by Jason Siebert. The Cherch is classified as a 501c3, or a for non-profit group, but what makes this Virginia based group special is not in its acts of kindness. But in how they accept them. Blerk accepts donations in the form of cryptocurrencies.

The aid arrived days after the hurricane hit, amidst the rising number of rescuers hauling in their boats, Siebert arrived in Matagorda County, Texas alongside Dr. Rhiana Ireland to provide aid to those in need. Hauling only a chain saw, generator, gas, water but more importantly a plethora of knowledge the two aimed to help as many possible. With the help of the Medical Director, Siebert ran a kitchen for 4 shelters in the area.

The organisation provided over twelve thousand meals all in accordance and intent to feed and prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the area.


The Work on Blerk

Amidst the food and shelter provided by the tandem, the Church of Blerk also sought to help local business owners. The aim of these donations was to aid the start up of businesses again aiding in the growth of infrastructure again, and getting everything moving again to allow for a faster recovery. But with only a limited amount of resources coupled with a growing number of those wishing to help, the group ran into trouble.

Their trucks broke down.


Hauled out by a Blockchain.

Banks were closed. Wire transfers would take days. Siebert needed a solution to his problem. And he found it in one of the fastest growing markets right now; Cryptocurrency transactions. Seibert contacted the founder of UTXO LCC; an over the counter trading company, Robert Gonzales, seeking help. He needed the money for his truck. And luckily for him, Gonzalez knew a man who would help; Jesse Wilkinson. The two collaborated and Wilkinson aided the relief fund with bitcoins. This donation allowed the work effort to continue in the Bay Area.

The Blerk group did something special. They made an unorthodox payment source into the easiest and most viable option in one of the most needed scenarios of this decade. And the citizens of Galveston Texas desired all the help they could get.