Coinbase; serving 10 million people

Following a record setting month of August bitcoin has been struggling this September. The price of the cryptocurrency has been on the decline the past few days. Regardless of the price drops the “unicorn” that is bitcoin is still setting records in other manners. In the exchanges like Coinbase.


Coinbase Success

Bitcoin had been soaring high until recently. The cryptocurrency set records almost daily, but as with many investments sceptics are the ones stopping the progress. The cost of bitcoin has dropped from five thousand in many markets to forty-six hundred. Yet exchanges are thriving.

Coinbase just surpassed ten million registered users in a total of thirty-two countries served by the San Francisco based company.


The ease of Coinbase

The exchange market has reached great success thanks to how easy the setup is. Coinbase has been referred to as the McDonalds of the cryptocurrency market due to the ease and swiftness involved in starting a wallet. Regretfully the servers are susceptible to crash if the market is trading too quickly. But complications are liable to happen when serving ten million users and exchanging twenty billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency. For now Coinbase is trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin; and the cryptocurrencies history is displayed on the webpage even.

Coinbase enjoys making trading cryptocurrency easy. The support offered by the company is always pushing to make it swifter, simpler, and easier. They host a range of articles ranging from how to buy and sell, to payment methods and wallet management, to even merchant services for start up businesses. As if these were not enough reasons for how easy the exchange makes owning crypocurrency occur, there are sections for new comers interested in purchase. An explanation of the coins is offered to everyone through support while also ensuring protection by explaining the security added to an investment.

The success of an exchange market is tied to the currency; yet when the market drops Coinbase has still thrived and aims to keep growing.