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CryptoThrills Deposit guide

A step by step guide to deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies or bank cards.

CryptoThrills Cash in and out guide

A step by step guide to deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies or bank cards
Making your first deposit at CryptoThrills is very simple and there are numerous options available to fit everybody’s needs. The available cryptocurrencies at the moment are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Nevertheless, CryptoThrills representatives informed us that new coins are on the way such as Ethereum and XRP being a priority.

For new entrants in the world of online bitcoin gambling, CryptoThrills also offers a deposit option using your Visa or MasterCard bank card. This option is available for most countries around the globe so that anyone can enjoy CryptoThrills games.

Creating your account

  • First things first and before being able to make a deposit you need to create your account. Write your email address, pick a nickname and password, your coins of choice, your number and click ‘Create Account’. It’s important to choose the currency you plan to deposit later as changing it will require time.
  • A verification email will be sent to your email to confirm the address. Despite you being able to log in without having to verify your account, it’s best to do it now so you won’t have to do it later on.
  • Accessing your cashier

  • On the top right of your page where your balance is shown, is your ‘Deposit’ button. Click on it to access your cashier. You can also click ‘Cashier’ on the left menu bar and you will be redirected to your cashier where you can see your total balance and your deposit options, cryptocurrencies or bank card.
  • Depositing with Bitcoin

  • Should you choose to deposit with cryptocurrencies, the process is the same no matter which coin you have chosen on the registration process. Click ‘Deposit’ next to the Bitcoin logo and the QR code and CryptoThrills public key will appear.
  • It’s up to you deciding whether to choose the QR code or the key. After doing so from your crypto wallet, choose the amount you wish to deposit and send it. In a few seconds, CryptoThrills’ cashier page will be updated with the ‘Deposit Successful’ message. This means your deposit has been completed and you are ready to start playing.
  • Depositing with your card

  • Should you decide to deposit using a bank the process is slightly different. The first time you are using this option, you will have to register your card before using it. Click ‘Deposit’ next to the Visa and MasterCard logos and you will be redirected to a new page where you will have to fill your card details; do so and click ‘Next’.
  • In the next page you will have to fill your details regarding the address your bank card is registered. Once again, fill in the information and click next. Canada can easily be found on the top of the countries list.
  • In the next and last stage before registration you need to fill in your personal details including first name, last name and date of birth. Click ‘Next’ and all the information you have added so far will appear on screen.
  • If any information is wrong simply click ‘Back’, find the page with the wrong information, correct it, proceed again to the card registration page and finish the card registration process. If the information is correct just register the card on the spot. The card is registered and ready to be used and unless you want to register another card, you won’t have to go through that process again.

    Go back to the cashier page and click again ‘Deposit’ with a bank card. Select your card, fill in your CVC Number and the amount you wish to deposit and click ‘Finish’. In a few minutes, your deposit will be in your CryptoThrills wallet. Overall, the process doesn’t take long but because banks are involved it’s on average longer compared to bitcoin which is prioritized.

    Withdrawing your winnings

    WIthdrawals on CryptoThrills are as simple and easy as deposits. The only difference to deposits is that you can only make a withdrawal in BTC, BCH and LTC. In your cashier page, click on ‘Withdrawal’ and in the new page fill in the amount you wish to withdraw. Click ‘ Next’ to go to the next page where you will have to fill in your deposit address. Be very careful while doing so and always double check if you have filled the correct deposit address. The safest way is to copy and paste it from your wallet.

    Click ‘Next’ and check carefully the payment information displayed. If correct, click on ‘Finish’ and the process is complete. Your payment is on the way and soon will be in your wallet. According to CryptoThrills Terms and Conditions payments can take from 0 to 48 hours but the average time for a withdrawal to be processed is 10 minutes.

    For more information on CryptoThrills read the full review here.