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DAZN Canada review

If you are looking for an easy way to watch sports in Canada, you no doubt have looked at the various options available. With such a wide range of options to pick from, though, it can be surprisingly tough to find a sports media solution that gives you everything that you are looking for. If you are thinking of trying out one service in particular, though, we recommend you look at DAZN Canada.

For years now, DAZN has been a primary choice for Canadian sports fans looking for something a little bit different. If you are looking for a solution that can offer tremendous value for money and a great library of sporting solutions, then you should definitely look at DAZN.

However, despite its various qualities, this is NOT perfect. Let’s take a look, then, and see what you get for your money by signing-up for a DAZN subscription.

DAZN Canada sports review

Pros and Cons

    • Covers a whole range of international sports, from soccer to snooker.
    • Excellent value for money, with both monthly and annual payment options.
    • Great library of new and old content to watch on-demand or live in-play.
    • Exclusive choice for all NFL Game Pass streaming for Canadian NFL fans.


    • Streaming issues are consistent across various applications and iterations.
    • No refunds provided if you choose to cancel early.

The Basics

For those who are on the lookout for a low-cost solution to their sports needs, DAZN offers a great deal for Canadians. Compared to the cost of other major sports streaming solutions, you get a pretty solid deal with DAZN. It also offers you the vast majority of major North American sports, as well as access to other sports including soccer and various eSports.

From the English Premier League in soccer to major fighting competitions like Bellator, you get plenty of value for your money with DAZN. It also includes major features from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the Italian Serie A, and various other soccer leagues. You also get access to events from Matchroom boxing events, and other sports including:

    • Rugby Union
    • Cricket
    • PDC Darts
    • KHL Hockey
    • WTA Tennis

This, though, barely scratches the surface of what DAZN can offer. You also get aces to things like NFL Game Pass, MLS Live, World Snooker, Six Nations Rugby, and FIBA Basketball events. If you are a fan of more than one sport, DAZN can offer a pretty solid place for you to begin with.

Given you can watch on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and even games consoles, it makes great value for those on-the-go.

Streaming library

As we mentioned above, you get plenty of sport to choose from with a DAZN Canada subscription. You get plenty of choice for both live and on-demand sport. You also get easy access to their various original programs, too. This can include things like their sporting documentaries, which are excellent, as well as various interviews and regular TV series that cover major sports in America and Canada.

If you like sports, you’ll find something live, on-demand, or historical to watch from your favourite sports leagues for sure.

The Cost

The DAZN program first started up in 2016, and has been in Canada since around the middle of 2017. It has become a highly popular streaming choice for youngsters who want to enjoy high level sport at fair, affordable prices. They made their name in the Canadian market with a takeover of the National Football League (NFL) rights within the country. This gave them exclusive streaming access to the NFL in Canada. What, though, does this cost?

Typically, DAZN Canada costs you $20 per month. If you would prefer to take on an annual subscription, though, you pay $150 for the year. That’s a pretty decent fee given this gets you access to all of the above features.

Better yet? You can stream on up to three devices at once without it being cut off or stopped. If you compare this to the price of various other sports streaming options in Canada, such as SportsNet Now, you are getting a good deal. SportsNet Now costs around $27.99 per month, which is a fair bit higher than you will be paying for a DAZN subscription.

In terms of price, DAZN is a solid place to start.

Streaming quality

Next up, let’s take a quick look at the kind of streaming quality you get with DAZN. Sadly, we have to say the streaming quality can be inconsistent at best. DAZN has many complaints on the Android app store and elsewhere, with people complaining of fuzzy and regularly buffering streams. It can also lead to frame rate issues, making matches look choppy. Given what you pay per month, this can be problematic.

DAZN typically suggests you have a 5mbps connection for using their standard streaming, and 9mbps for their HD streams. We have found that if you fall within that parameter, you should get stable enough connections. However, viewing on many mobile devices even with a strong enough connection can be problematic. While DAZN suggests it is a problem with your device, complaints about the service quality (or lack of) are pretty significant across the board.

As time has gone on, DAZN Canada has improved quite a lot in terms of streaming quality. You should probably get the best performance on a PC or laptop that is connected using an ethernet cable. We have normally found that streams on mobile devices via Wi-Fi can be stable but inconsistent in terms of the overall picture quality.

Despite offering an Ultra HD option, we have found this to be patchy in terms of performance as well. This is still a new-ish feature, though, so expect that to change and improve in the coming years.

Overall, streaming quality is good but could be better. When the service isn’t under extensive demand, we found that it can mostly manage the streaming quality without too much of a drop-off in visual standards. Typically, you should research the DAZN app on each device you wish to run it on, as you get differing performance depending on what you use to stream the apps.

Customer support

Lastly, we recommend you look closely at the DAZN Canada customer support. They are friendly, professional, and courteous in their responses. Customer support is available using e-mail or live chat support, with live chat offering great response and solution times. Support staff are friendly and can typically answer your queries with a direct answer or with an FAQ response.

However, DAZN has to make a lot of changes to their currently awful cancellation program. You cannot cancel on your own; you must cancel via customer support. You need to speak to a customer service rep and go through the cancellation process. It is, mercifully, quite quick, and painless. You’ll need to give the agent your account details to help them manage the shutdown.

The major downside is that DAZN does NOT provide refunds whatsoever. You cannot get a refund at all on your account. If you buy the annual subscription and cancel, there is no partial or full refund. With that in mind, be sure to try out the free trial period extensively to see if you think DAZN would be a wise choice for you.

After cancelling, you can still use your account until your paid-for period ends.

Should I choose DAZN in Canada?

Great question! Hopefully now you can see just how much there is to think about when choosing a sports package. As you can see, there are many benefits to taking on a DAZN package. At the same time, though, it does have some limits – mostly down to streaming inconsistency.

The main problem with DAZN, though, is the lack of refund solutions. If you aren’t happy with the product, you cannot get a refund. With that in mind, we recommend starting out with a smaller DAZN sports package. This gives you a chance to try it out for yourself and then determine if the overall quality of the streaming experience is really good enough for you.

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For most Canadian sports fans, though, DAZN should offer an excellent, high-value starting place to start streaming your favourite sports across the globe.