Exclusive Interview with Christina Hammer, Lady Hammer Casino’ Ambassador.

Exclusive Interview with Christina Hammer, Lady Hammer Casino’ Ambassador.

CanadianBitcoinCasinos would like to introduce you to Christina Hammer, 5 times undefeated world boxing champion and her latest project Lady Hammer casino. We asked some questions and got very interesting and diverse answers.

CBC: Hello, Christina. First of all, tell us and our readers about yourself. What is your background? Have you worked in the gambling industry before you started to work and represent Lady Hammer Casino?

CH: I am unbeaten 5 time professional world champion in boxing – 23fights, 23 wins,10 ko. I am the first German boxer who has a multi fight contract televised live at the major US TV network Showtime and with my one-sided win over former champion Tori Nelson at Detroit 22 June 18, I became the first German fighter to successfully defend a world title in the US since Max Schmeling successfully defended his heavyweight title in 1931. I love poker. If I would be not a professional boxer I would be a professional poker payer. Both have to be focused, top trained, must be smart, are able to read their opponents and the head´s up is similar to the face to face at the weigh in.

CBC: How did Lady Casino get started?

CH: Great. It is the first time that an athlete has his own casino. Behind Lady Hammer Casino stands a real person who represents reliability, trustworthiness and a success.

CBC: Cristina, tell us, why did you decide to represent an online casino? We are curious how you came to the decision. Did you play any online casino before and do you play at Lady Hammer casino now? If yes, do you play with real money only? Or you play with Bitcoin as well?

CH: Casino and boxing has a strong history. Most of the big fights were matched in Casinos. See the MEGA fight Mayweather – McGregor at MGM Las Vegas. Online Casinos are the future and I am proud to be part of it. Additional I want to show that female fighter can make the same money than men. That will motivate more young girls to go the hard way of a professional fighter.
I am not paying with Bitcoin. But I am very interested in his currency and I am thinking Bitcoins will be the future.

CBC: What is special about Bitcoin casino and Lady Hammer casino in particular?

CH: There are a lot of special features. One characteristic at Lady Hammer Casino is our partnership with the WBC, the most famous boxing association with champions like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Oscar de la Hoya, Gennady Golovkin, Vitali Klitschko!

CBC: We know that Lady Hammer casino donates part of its profits to the WBC charity programs. Can you tell us a little more about it?

CH: My Casino will use its popularity also as a platform for good works. I am very impressed with WBC Cares and their work for global good, particularly children. I have worked hard and I’m honored to now be in a position to join the WBC and in their charity program Big Champions Supporting little Champions. I am now a Big Champion and it’s my privilege to give back.

CBC: Were you planning to use bitcoins as a payment method from the start?

CH: Yes, but now my Lady Hammer Casino will switch to a Malta MGA license so than (at the moment) we can´t offer longer this payment method.

CBC: Since you founded bitcoin casino, a lot of coins made a big breakthrough in development. Are you planning to add some other cryptocurrency like Litecoin, Ethereum etc as a payment method?

CH: Sure, as soon this is possible we will do it, I believe in this currencies.

CBC: Do you think the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency can completely replace the other payment methods in online casinos like euro or dollars?

CH: No, but their part will be increase rapidly.

CBC: Bitcoin is extremely volatile. Do players deposit less or more when the Bitcoin price is low? Have you noticed any connection?

CH: I don´t notice any connection. The percentage of Bitcoins remain steady.

CBC: What do you think Lady Hammer Casino will look like in 1 year?

CH: The popularity will rise significantly and we have the power to be a major player in the online casino market.

CBC: Bitcoin’s price fell down to 6300 dollars . Can you tell us your thoughts? What is the reason for the falling value of Bitcoin? Is its end close?

CH: I don´t think so. It is a short break. The advantages of Bitcoins are to strong the value of Bitcoins will soar.

CBC: Are you Bitcoin holder? Do you make investments in cryptocurrencies?

CH. Not at the moment but it will come in near future. I have an offer to be the brand ambassador of a Bitcoin exchange platform and it looks like I will do it. I will get my payments in Bitcoins and than I am the first brand ambassador ( athletes or models) worldwide who will have a contract which will be paid alone in cryptocurrency. This is showing how strong I believe in this currencies and will help to give them more reliability.

CBC: What will happen to Bitcoin gambling this year?

CH: Difficult, because a lot of Curacao licenses get more and more problems and they will change to Malta license where Bitcoins are at the moment not allowed.

CBC: Your predictions of the cryptocurrency future?

CH: Cryptocurrencies are the future.

We thank Christina for her time and interesting and useful conversation.
From our side we can add that Lady Hammer online casino will provide a good amount of novelties for its players in the near future. We are very pleased to have access to this information and inform you all of their current news.
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