Hacker demands bitcoin to prevent a leak of information involving HBO.


The leak of HBO

Earlier this week a hacker has come forth threatening to bring the data to the masses. How can HBO be sure that this is a legitimate problem? In proof of the hack “Mr.Smith” showed a preview. Inside his packet were manuscripts for the popular HBO show “Game of Thrones”; one of which was for an upcoming episode in the shows 7th season. But will the fear of a potential leak of the long awaited arrival of the dragons be enough to bring forth the demanded 6 million dollars in bitcoins?

Even more incentive

As if the threat of losing much suspense involved with George R.R. Martin’s scripts wasn’t enough, included in the leak was also emails to and from the Vice President for film programming for HBO; Leslie Cohan. These emails give insight into HBO and its processes including legal documents. This having been the second breach by “Mr. Smith”, will HBO submit, or will the leaks keep coming? How long can this be drawn out? The only way to find out is to keep watching.

But why is this important?

The fact that bitcoin is even being considered is rather impressive. If anything it shows how much cryptocurrency has taken hold, and is growing and thriving. While maybe using BTC as a demand in a security breach of a successful film company may not be the most favorable way to show the growth in value, it does demonstrate the success the cryptocurrency has achieved. This is even further valued because of the anonymous nature of the bitcoin transaction. Following the split between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash this radical demand demonstrates just how much cryptocurrency has grown as a whole. I personally hope less extreme causes become more well known cases of growth within the community; but a step towards recognition can always bring light to the possibilities.