Highroller Defining a High Roller

We all have heard about the secret VIP rooms in casinos where the rich and famous can enjoy gambling thousands and sometimes millions of dollars at the tables without a care in the world and in complete privacy.
Comped to the hilt, these most affluent of gamblers can fly in and out of Vegas or Macau without anyone having a whiff of their fleeting visit.
Compare that to today’s gaming online and only now there is a huge relationship in how you can be treated like a High Roller from the comfort of your own home, and no one knows about it.

So what defines a High Roller?

Generally, it is a player that loves the high stakes games and, in many ways, throws caution to the wind. Overall the player realises he has no way of beating the house but takes each gambling session as it comes and psychologically enjoys the highs as much as they enjoy the lows.
There are many articles related to the psychology of a gambler and it is an important factor in understanding the “whys and hows” a gambler does what he does.

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Highroller feelings

The feeling of happiness and accomplishment in life can lead someone straight to the tables. If someone feels lucky in other aspects then the high-roller persona reveals itself. The happier the person the bigger the risk, after all, they feel invincible and nothing can stop that.
Another high-roller trait is the belief that after a losing streak or run of bad bets a winning streak will happen very soon. The high roller will increase his bets to accommodate the losses. It is of course a fallacy but you cannot argue with a hardened gambler.
A high roller needs faith in his own luck and his connection to something to bring him this luck. Rabbits foot to fondle in the pocket, scratching the head before placing a bet and the best I have seen is someone downing a large scotch before throwing the dice at a craps table. Obviously after a few more throws the whiskey took its toll and loosened up the wagers.

Highrollers in the casinos

High rollers pattern play is probably the most generous way for casinos to make money from players. Advertising a hot slot or having screens above roulette tables showing the last 30 numbers and other statistics is a genius tactic and truly throws the idea of random out of the window for a player. Other players winning at a table can attract even the strongest and focused high roller to take a punt on something that he would normally just ignore.
High rollers enjoy playing, and that is the fact of the matter. They don’t travel large distances just to spend an hour gambling, they are in it for the long haul and they know what the pitfalls are of overstaying.

These players aren’t looking for attention, they don’t need it. They are already successful in their vacations and life. They have one foible, one weakness that they feel is a great strength in their character, the ability to be lucky and win and the strength to lose and hold their heads up high and realise tomorrow is another day to beat the house.

High rollers like to be shown appreciation; in fact, they crave it.

They come to the casino, either land based or online, and they want the management to know that they need to be cared for. They already have the money so it is the job of the VIP Manager to ensure they are familiar enough with the player to understand what keeps them happy.

Highrollers in landbase casinos

Land based casinos have the luxury of being able to comp rooms or send the player to fancy restaurants and shows and give them the best time they can. Most importantly treating the High Roller better after they have won is a sure way to maintain their loyalty.

Highrollers in online casinos

New Online casinos VIP managers have a slightly harder job in obtaining the information or even recognising a high rolling player before they miss the chance and they have gone for good.
If the player is caught quickly then hold onto your hats for quite a ride and understand that overall the casino has the edge and keeping them playing is all that matters, the rest is in the lap of the random number generator.
High Rollers are moving into the world of Bitcoin-only casinos. They find the advantages of using Bitcoin and not having to go through a KYC process well worth it. Why report your gaming activity to anyone you don’t want knowing of it?
In my opinion gambling is getting far too controlled and only Bitcoin casinos can keep it free of officials that should have no business poking their nose into this form of entertainment.

This article was written independently and its views are not necessarily shared by the editor or website owners.