Ledger and Intel, Innovation for Crytocurrency

The blockchain that has grown popularity around the world has just made a massive step in innovation. One of the world’s leading computer companies has just partnered with the cryptocurrency startup Ledger; Intel. But this is not the first time Intel has shown an interest in blockchain technology.



Last month Intel partnered with Chinese based media and technological firm Tencent and signed a letter of intent based around blockchain technology. Intel’s role is based around the issues with hardware security that Tencent wishes to shore up faults in. It is however unknown what system will be used; either an iteration of the Linux used Hyperledger or the Coco Framework which is currently used by the microsoft and intel joint project.


Intel meets ledger

Today however Intel also joined forces with the cryptocurrency hardware startup Ledger. Ledger and intel intend to unite The BOLOS system utilized by ledger with Intel’s Software guard Extensions to allow for new roads into storing cryptocurrency holdings. The idea centers around enclaves in which private keys are stored and transactions are created and signed. Intel has been working on more hardware including developing mining chips; and this should assist in that effort.

The CEO of Ledger; Eric Larcheveque, is very excited about this joint effort and had this to say about it;

“Following the launch of a line of hardware wallets based on our operating system integrated in a secure chip, working with a leading player like Intel is a unique opportunity to keep providing our growing client base with innovative solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications”


Meet Ledger

Ledger is a company built around the expertise of cryptocurrency securities as well as blockchain applications for businesses and individuals. They have made bitcoin wallets tangible with a variety of products. Their products support a wide array of cryptocurrencies spanning from Bitcoin and bitcoin cash, to etherium and ripple. This team of 60 developers has been working since 2014 to bring the best ideas to life and are still seeking to inspire new ideas and influence the cryptocurrency world.