Main Tips For Beginners at Canadian Online Casinos

How to choose the right Canadian online casino

When choosing an online casino, the average casino player is often guided by several criterias:

  • the first page of the search engine Google or Yahoo
  • catchy viral ads on the Internet
  • Attractive website design of the Canadian online casino
  • Generous bonuses offered by online casino

Bright and quality design does not guarantee that the casino does not deceive players and pays all the money players earn. When choosing an honest Canadian online casinos, you should refer to the authoritative ratings of the most reliable casinos.

Also we recommend:
  • Visit the forums dedicated to gambling on the Internet and read user reviews. Compare the number of positive and negative reviews. When studying reviews you should pay attention to the style and content. If the author writes about huge winnings, most likely, this is a bot or hidden advertising. There are also a lot of common phrases and a minimum of specificity in fake reviews.
  • Use Google search engine to check site. Choose a program that can analyze the age of the domain and the number of visitors for free. If an online casino has been operating for several years, this is already a good sign.
  • Carefully read terms and conditions. The text of the user agreement can be in small print terms: major restrictions on the withdrawal of winnings, overestimated minimum limits for making deposits, a high level of wager for bonuses, etc. Financial pitfalls are the alarm bells.
  • Check the license and certificates. A casino with a good reputation must have a section with information. In this section you should look for: license number and link to the official website of the organization that issued it; information about the software companies who have developed casino games; contact details of support team
    If the online casino does not have a section with information, you can send a request to the email address listed on the site. Company representatives are obliged to send electronic copies or scans of all licenses and certificates to the user. Documents must be authentic and valid.

Learn the gambling rules at Canadian online casinos

Each online game has its own rules and subtleties. For example, in American Roulette, the Basket Bet rate covers only 5 digits, which reduces the probability of winning to 7.9%, and experienced gamblers prefer the European version. In the French version there is a rule according to which when a zero falls, the bet is returned to the player. There are nuances in blackjack, poker and other gambling games, including slot machines.
Knowledge of the rules will reduce the amount of unnecessary spending and stupid losing. Many online casinos publish the rules of gambling on their sites.
After studying the basic information you can:

  • Check YouTube game reviews from experienced gamblers.
  • Play demo versions of slot machines, card and table games before playing on real money.
  • Download free online games to your computer or smartphone and try your hand at them.

How to choose the right game

Slot machines are traditionally considered the most popular entertainment in online casinos. Slot machines with an unusual design and themes are of interest, but you can not choose a slot only because of the exotic appearance. If a player comes to an online casino in the hope of winning, he should take into account:

  • Slot developer. A company with a good reputation will not release low-quality games with bugs and crashes.

Little-known developers more often cooperate with fraudsters and create low-grade programs.

  • Return level. Different slots have a different percentage of returns to players (RTP) programmed. The best indicator is in the range of 94–96%, high – more than 97%. Players also must understand that the stated percentages can extend to a short, medium or long game distance. You can find out the RTP level of a specific slot on the forums, on YouTube, on the websites of independent auditors.
  • Jackpot. Playing progressive jackpot slots, you can win a big jackpot. But according to statistics, players who make big bets win more often they players who make small amount of bets. Availability of bonus rounds. Bonus games increase your chances of winning.

There must be a sense of proportion and moderation

The fourth mistake is an obsession with gambling. Online casinos should not become an obsession. It is better to take an online casino as one of the many hobbies or entertainment. Players who are obsessed with real money bets lose quickly and then become dependent on gambling. Obsession with online casinos makes it difficult to think reasonably, analyze the situation and win.
To avoid this, you need:

  • To put a loss limit on your account before the game and do not exceed it ( limits such as “Deposit”, “Cooling Off”, “Wager”)
  • Do not spend 24 hours a day in the casino, even for the sake of big wins.
    After a big win, immediately leave the casino. It is better to leave and return the next day with money for new bets than to stay and lose everything.

We hope these tips can help you to spend nice time at Canadian online casinos and probably win some money.