Paycase is coming to Canada

Bitcoin is a growing cryptocurrency around the globe, from Europe to North America, throughout Asia and Oceania. Companies are opening up offices around the world more and more, and one such company is planning to come to Canada; Paycase.

What is Paycase?

Paycase is a global remittance program and its main goal is to allow users to send money internationally safely and effectively. Payments are accepted through visa, visa-debit, mastercard, and mastercard-debit. Currently the only country that the platform can be used is the Philippines, but in the next couple months it will be coming to Canada.

The payment system will operate around the clock for users, however, the funds may take longer to be transferred depending on the payment method. Three payment methods are available; bank account transfers, “Pawn shop” which allows for cash pick up, or even door-to-door through the mail.

Currently Paycase is only available to an invite-only beta group. However, this will change within 2 months.

Paycase; More than a dream

Joseph Weinberg; co-founder and CEO of Paycase. was an early investor in the Bitcoin market, and went so far as being the director of Coinsetter until 2016. He is a member of the Muskoka Group; which was founded near Muskoka Lake in Canada. Joseph shares the group’s drive for the increase in blockchain technology for personal, industrial and even governmental usage.

After graduating from Simon Frazier University in 2012, Weinberg travelled abroad to Peru. He backpacked to a small indigenous village that didn’t have much. But what the village did have led Weinberg to the idea that is now Paycase. Villagers had small satellite dishes, and cellphones, but more importantly a small Western Union outlet with a computer that allowed for money to be sent away and received. Looking at this Weinberg realized that these people could just as easily use their devices to accomplish the same goal.

And thus the idea for Paycase was born.