How To Play Blackjack Online

More often, players prefer online casinos to land-based casinos. It is easy to explain. You enjoy the process, being in a familiar, convenient environment for you, at any time of the day or night. Canadian players can play Blackjack online for free or with Bitcoin or canadian dollars at online bitcoin casinos presented at our portal.
Due to its simple rules, as well as the speed of the game and the easy calculation of points, Blackjack has not lost its popularity for many years.

History of Blackjack

It is believed that the game originates from the Spanish card game called Ventiuna, which translates as “twenty-one.” For the first time it was mentioned in the beginning of the 18th century. The main difference from Blackjack was that it did not use cards of 8, 9, 10.
From Spain the game moved to France and only then to North America. For some reason, not all players immediately liked it and many casinos were forced to take steps to popularize Blackjack. And their efforts have borne fruit: over time, the game became so popular that it took one of the first places in the list of favorite card games of millions of people. Moreover, now appeared Blackjack online and gamblers can play Blackjack with traditional currency as well as with Bitcoins.

Blackjack online: rules

Blackjack online is simple enough: the player must score twenty-one points. More precisely, 21 – is an ideal option. It is desirable to collect as close to this number of points. The main thing is not to overdo it , since the player who scored 22 points or more automatically loses. Further, the player’s cards are compared with the dealer’s cards. The winning situation is the situation when the player’s points are higher than the dealer’s points, and the amount of points is lower or equal to 21. That is, a win is possible if the player collects 20, 19 or even 18 points. The main thing is that the dealer had less. In the case if the dealer and the player collect the same number of points, no one is awarded a victory. These rules apply both in a land-based casino and when playing blackjack in online bitcoin casinos.

Blackjack features

Blackjack online has its own characteristics. Here are just a few of them:
The suit of cards does not matter, as in some other card games where the trump card is taken into account. In Blackjack only its dignity is important;
One more feature of Blackjack is that the game is played against the dealer. The players do not compete with each other.

The probability of winning in Blackjack is based on the player’s ability to remember the cards that have left the game. There are even several strategies for counting cards.
As mentioned earlier, online casino has its advantages. First, there are no annoying neighbors who will disturb you.
Secondly, you can play at a convenient speed online.
Thirdly, the bids at online casinos are much lower than in land-based casinos.
And fourthly, there is nothing as relaxing like playing Blackjack, sitting at your favorite chair.
Even beginner can play Blackjack online in such Bitcoin online casinos as 7Bit Casino and Oshi Casino. It is enough to read the rules before the start of the game. If you are an experienced player, do not waste time, choose your favorite version of Blackjack in Canadian bitcoin casinos.
May the best player win!