The Best Halloween Slots 2018

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The inhabitants of the other world feel themselves comfortable on the last day of October. According to legends, on October 31, on the eve of the Feast of All Saints, the most powerful witches and other evil spirits organized their own celebration. The legends about the coven have survived to this day in the form of Halloween Masquerade Parties. Halloween is now being celebrated around the world. We have compiled a ranking of the best Halloween slots of 2018, the atmosphere of which is the best fit to keep a special holiday spirit.

Halloween Jack

Slot title: Halloween Jack
Developer: NetEnt
Release date: October 24, 2018
Layout: 5*3
Betways: 20 pay lines
Halloween Jack
NetEnt developer prepared for all gambling fans a classic gift with a pumpkin lantern and a whole set of devil incarnations: a black crow, a horse from the underworld and a girl possessed by demon. Also, images of a horseshoe and a bat act as symbols on the reels at Halloween Jack slot. Three scatters in the form of a sarcophagus with a ghost sharpened into it provide the player with 10 free spins. During free spins, a repeated combination of three or more scatters adds another 5 free spins.
A pumpkin lantern is used as a wild. According to legend, with its help, the soul of a blacksmith Guzzler Jack illuminates his way in search of a place where he can find peace. During his mortal life, Jack managed to trick the devil several times, but after his death this did not allow him to go to heaven, so the Jack’ soul is still restless.

Wolf Hunters

Slot title: Wolf Hunters
Developer: Yggdrasil Gaming
Release date: September 24, 2018
Layout: 5×3
Betways: 20 pay lines
Wolf Hunters
Another Swedish game developer Yggdrasil Gaming was one of the first to open the season for the hunting of evils. Video slot Wolf Hunters with characters with supernatural abilities, was released on September 24. The slot is dedicated to werewolves and fearless hunters.
Yggdrasil Gaming developers have created a fascinating slot based on medieval European legends about a werewolf, which disturbed the life of peaceful villagers every full moon. The main heroes of the slot are The Hunter and Huntress, who know the secret of destroying a horrible beast. Their arsenal is used as top-order symbols on the reels of the Wolf Hunters slot: a trap, a silver dagger and a magic elixir. The image of a werewolf is considered the most expensive. The initial rate increases 50, 300 and 500 times (3, 4 and 5 characters, respectively) for his capture.

Los Muertos

Slot title: Los Muertos
Developer: Wazdan
Release date: October 24, 2018
Layout: 5×4
Betways: 40 pay lines
Los Muertos
The Los Muertos slot recreates the atmosphere of the Mexican equivalent of Halloween – Day of the Dead, which is annually celebrated in Mexico and Central America on November 1 and 2. According to legends, these days the souls of dead people return to Earth and visit relatives. The main attribute of the celebrations are the skulls painted in all colors of the rainbow. They are used as symbols of higher level in the Los Muertos slot. On this day, Mexicans carry fresh flowers to relatives’ graves. On the way back they place burning candles on the roadsides so that the souls of the dead can more easily find their former home. The standard game begins against the background of a night cemetery, whose inhabitants are ready to go to meet their posterity. The bonus in the form of a girl in a mask throwing out rose petals allows the player to get up to 12 free spins and additional multipliers for roses of different colors. Free spins occur on the background of urban buildings, where the souls of deads are.

After any win at Los Muertos, you can play the original risk game. On the screen there are figures of men and women, which the user sees from the back. The player needs to turn one of the strangers. If it turns out to be a living person in a mask, the winning is doubled, if the skeleton is reset. You can try your luck up to seven times in each round of the doubling game.

Wicked Tales: Dark Red

Slot title: Wicked Tales: Dark Red
Developer: Microgaming
Release date: September 26, 2018
Layout: 5
Betways: 25 pay lines
Wicked Tales: Dark Red
Legendary Microgaming this year did not bother to release a Halloween theme slot, but the recent release of a company called Wicked Tales: Dark Red is perfect for play on Halloween. As in the case of the Wolf Hunters slot from Yggdrasil Gaming, the werewolf becomes the main character in the game. But this is not an interpretation of the classic tales about the wolf-man, but a new version of the tale about Little Red Riding Hood. The player will have to lead a grown-up Little Red Riding Hood through the forest, in which in the full moon an attractive stranger turns into a bloodthirsty Gray Wolf. Three images of the full moon activate the Wolf’s Wheel bonus game, in which you can get additional multipliers and free spins or open the way to the Forest of Fortunes bonus round. In the Forest of Fortune, the heroine will have to collect bags of gold, swatting the werewolf with an ax that can be found in one of the leather bags among the trees. No silver bullets, magic blades and potions. Only brute force!

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