Top 10 Facts About Online Casinos

Are you a true fan of gambling? If so, you will be interested in several facts about online casinos. If you still never for any reason experienced your luck in casinos, then this article also should be useful for you. There are some interesting facts about online casinos and gambling that we would like to share with you.By knowing these funny and fascinating facts, your attraction towards online gambling places will definitely increase.
Usually, an online casino is accompanied by many myths and stereotypes. Often these myths are based on unreliable information, or subjective opinion. Stereotypes about online casinos are mainly negative.

Fisrt Online Casino

The world’s first online casino appeared in 1994. It was named as Gaming Club. Casino started its business with just a few of table games and online slots. Since then online casinos have been on quite a journey. Nowadays there are thousands of games across the online gambling industry presented by such reliable casinos like , Bitstarz casino and lots more.

The biggest win

The largest prize in the history of online casinos was paid by the Scandinavian casino PAF. The casino novice from Finland after just 30 minutes of playing at Mega Fortune Netent slot won almost 18 million euros (over C$26 million)


Most online casinos, along with classic gambling, offer its players lotteries. Surprisingly, but according to statistics, online lottery is much more popular. The statistics states that every second person of the planet played a lottery at least once in his life.

The largest gambling country

The UK is considered the largest gambling country in the world. Some may be surprised, but it’s really the truth. Only conservative Englishmen can play not only in real gambling houses, but also visit online casinos. Most often they play bingo or poker.

Players’ age

According the statistic, mostly people over 30 y.o.are involved in online gambling. These players spend in the online casino from 3 to 5 hours. But young people in the majority prefer other online entertainments, not connected with monetary risks.

Online casinos Vs Land Based casinos

Nowadays, 90% of players prefer to play in online casinos and only 10% players prefer to visit land based casinos. Only 33% of players are considered as professionals. All the rest are just novices or they just want to hit a nerve.

Men Vs Women

As the latest statistic shows, today a large part of online players are men. Their share is about 84%. Women are less adventurous. But the proportion of active female players has been increasing annually.

Free Play

You can play in online casinos for free. Most online casinos offer its players Play For Fun Mode. So if your aim is not to earn money, but just to spend some good time, you can play not wasting a penny.

Loyalty programs at online casinos

All players at online casinos who have learned to earn money know that they need to play and continue to increase their authority in one specifically chosen casino. In this case, player will receive special attention from the casino administration, which means gifts and profitable bonuses.

Casinos’ theme

Every casino site has an individual theme. Large online casinos spend a lot of money to make their house look more attractive than others. But some casinos, such as casinos powered by Softswiss, do not trouble themselves with the development of a unique design and look impersonal. The most popular themes are sea, ancient Egyptian, Japanese, Superhero and pirates. Casinos are trying to create an atmosphere of fun and celebration that attracts all new players.