Top 8 Gambling Movies

Gambling and slot machines attracted people at all times. Tens of thousands of players play casino regularly. They have a great opportunity to play online without leaving their home.
If you are also looking for a decent online casino that is available for Canadian players, then we advise you to visit Mars Casino. This casino offers its players excellent slots, games with live dealers, as well as great payment methods – both Canadian dollars and Bitcoin. Well, if you are not yet ready to start playing online casino for real money, watch the best gambling movies about casinos. It is really worth watching them and probably you will find out some useful tricks for your future gambling in online bitcoin casinos.

Movies about the casino are incredibly colorful and original stories. There are so many gambling movies that it’s hard to choose the best one. Here are the most interesting stories based on our opinion.

Ocean’s Eleven

If the movie is shot about a casino in Las Vegas, then heros of film either play and win or rob the casino. There exists no other way. Great, strong script, excellent work of the director, the operator. The scenario is as follows: a team of 11 people under the management of the irresistible George Clooney and Brad Pitt arranges a scam of the century. They rob casinos without a single shot or killing. Impeccable planning, excellent acting. Those who have not seen it – must watch. Also the movie has a sequels – “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Ocean’s Thirteen.”


The movie is based on the real events described in the book of Ben Mezrich. The protagonist – Ben Campbell, whose role was played by Jim Sturgess, demonstrates his unique mathematical abilities to the professor of mathematics Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey). The latter, in turn, being impressed by what he saw, decides to open the doors of the secret community before him.

As it turned out, Rosa is a blackjack player. He stopped playing, but he put together a team of his most talented students to play in the Las Vegas casino. He trains their skills to win large sums in casinos. Ben, who needed three hundred thousand dollars to get to Harvard Medical School, agrees to join them. At the same time he gives himself the promise that having earned the right amount, he will quit the business.
But the luxurious life changes the main character. As a result, he falls under the suspicion of the security service of the casino, loses a large amount, which he has to give back to Rosa at all costs.


This is a real classic, which everyone should see. The story of two gangsters who rule the gambling empire. Robert De Niro played a great role as a bandit. Sharon Stone in this movie is more seductive than ever! Casino movie is based on real events and shows the dark side of Las Vegas, which no one knew before.
Casino Royale
The main character is British secret agent James Bond, who must destroy the criminal plan. There are elements of an action movie, and romance, and espionage. Many people say that today it is the best movie about Bond.
The beginning of the story comes at a time when James did not yet have a “license to kill” from the MI6 secret service. After he shot the criminal, revealing the secrets of England, he was awarded the title of agent “007” and immediately was sent to a new assignment, during which the hero was to participate in a poker tournament at the Casino “Royale”.


Any movies about casinos and gambling affect the theme of money. And this movie of 1998 is no exception. Lawyer Mike, played by Matt Damon, successfully plays poker in the underground casinos of New York. But at one point he loses all the money and decides to give up the poker. But everything changes when a friend of his “Worm” comes out of prison. Mike owes him much and has to get into a dirty game.

The Cincinnati Kid

Cincinnati Kid lives in New Orleans. He is the best player in the city in stud poker. By chance, the guy finds out that the famous Lancy Howard, one of the best in card games, is coming to the city. Naturally, Kid wants to fight with him to prove his superiority …

The Pelayos

This movie is a real story about the Pelayo family, which discovered a legitimate way to win at roulette. Their rewards are hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the name adorns the name of the poker school. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is a Spanish mathematician and producer, who made roulette work for himself. Casino de Madrid tried to sue him and return the money, but the fact of fraud was not proven, as the game was conducted according to all the rules. After a sensational case, casinos were suspicious of Gonzalo and his family.

Molly’s Game

The movie tells the true story of a girl named Molly Bloom. Molly can not succeed in sports – she was a professional skier, but she was not taken to the Olympic team. This turn of events leads her into the world of poker. For a while, Molly worked as an assistant in poker room for celebrities. But one day she quarrels with the boss and then decides to open her own private casino, where the bets will be extremely high. The rumors of her casino travel fast. His players are the movie stars, powerful businessmen and even members of the Russian mafia…

If you are a fan of gambling, these movies definitely will appeal to you. Of course, this is not complete list of gambling movies. Do not hesitate to write the titles of gambling movies, which we did not mention in this list.