Top Common Casino Superstitions

Many people believe in various signs and follow by them in almost all spheres of life. Players are not exception, and there are many superstitious people among them. Is it really worth to trust the signs – a moot point.
Practically all players at land and online casinos are subject to certain superstitions. Times change, but people still believe in the supernatural. This is understandable because in many games luck is quite significant. You can say it is absurd. Maybe, but heavy gamblers prefer not to run the risk. Lady Luck is fastidious, so nobody wants to anger her.

We have collected for you top casino superstitions – signs and rituals that are believed to bring you either good or bad luck. No doubt, at least one of them will sound familiar to you!

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

It is believed that there are lucky and unlucky numbers. Let’s look at them on examples.
Number 13 in general opinion is a very unlucky number, not just in gambling. For example, Friday the 13th is believed to be an unlucky day. Actually, fear of the number 13 is a recognized phobia (Triskaidekaphobia). Nobody can say how or when the number 13 got its bad reputation. Many players avoid anything to do with the number 13.
On the other side, number 7 is considered to be a very lucky number. A lot of slot machines award the jackpot for successive 7 symbols on a payline. It is worth mentioning, that the signs associated with numbers can not be universal, since numbers that are considered to be lucky in the one culture, can be unlucky in another culture.

Also some players have their own lucky numbers. It can be anything: age, date of birth, the sum of the numbers of the phone, the number of the car, the apartment, and so on. For some players a lucky number is a sign that catches their eye on the eve of the game.

Lucky and Unlucky Colours

Just like numbers, colors are often seen as a good or bad signs. Many players believe black to be bad luck, while red is often considered to be a very lucky color, representing wealth, luck and joy. In 2005, Steve Dannenmann (2005 World Series Poker runner-up) won $ 4.2 million. He claims that he took such a big prize thanks to the lucky signs. Dannenmann wore the same shirt and cap throughout the seven-day tournament.

Lucky Charms

Depending on the player’s beliefs, this can be any of the items – souvenirs, chip, coin, rabbit foot, the four-leaved clover etc.

Physical Actions

Many players perform some actions or a routine to attract good luck. They do such rituals before spinning the wheel. Some of the most popular rituals are:
Crossing fingers (do not cross your legs while placing a bet – it’s bad luck), knocking on wood, stacking chips in a certain way, blowing on dice, kissing a companion and so on.

Unlucky Bills

Most of gamblers refuse to accept $50 bills in the casino. Some casinos know about this and do not even try to use $50 bills. It is not clear where this superstition came from. The legend says that in Wild West gangsters put a $50 bill into the pockets of their victims, whom they buried in the desert.


There is a well-known black cat in casino superstitions. The player will postpone his visit to the casino for another day if he sees the cat before visiting the casino. This is unlucky sign.

It is obvious that all these and other rituals can not guarantee you the winning, however, they will definitely give you confidence in your own abilities.
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