Veiled by Bitcoin; Who owns the most?

Bitcoin gathers its value from the virtue of supply and demand. The more an individual values one bitcoin, the more the market will go up. The cryptocurrency is favored because of the anonymity involved with the transactions. Of course every transaction is logged on the blockchain forever; but the recipient of the bitcoins remains a mystery. The veil provided by bitcoin makes valuing the cryptocurrencies more difficult for investment bureaus. The anonymity aforementioned makes their job harder. Not knowing who is selling their shares can make for a risky buy in. But who owns the highest number of Bitcoin?

Sharing the largest cryptocurrency

Hiding your wealth is simple with bitcoin. And honestly the safest thing to do. Even the founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, is rumoured to only have the name through an alias. Maybe the rumour that he owns one million bitcoins is true, how will we ever know?

Until he reveals himself, and provides proof that it is in fact him, we may not find out. But there are public records of where exactly the highest concentration of bitcoins are held. Overall Bitfinex Coldwallet possesses the most in one place with .72% of all coins. The second highest concentration is the brothers Winklevoss with 1%. Including these three shares are the ten top bitcoin addresses with 4%. And 17% of all bitcoins are shared between the top 100 bitcoin addresses.

This list is inclusive of the previous players mentions. The final 83% of all bitcoins are scattered across the world with individual holders.

Tracking through a veil

Governments often tax its citizens on its wealth. And as i mentioned, keeping your identity safe is a positive when investing in Bitcoin. But investing is a way to earn money. And thus a point of control that governments want access to. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Services are in charge of tracing the citizens earning and expenditures. It simply is not possible today to follow every citizens investments in bitcoin. It becomes a matter of trust; and in 2015 only about 800 individuals claimed an investment in the cryptocurrency.


But now you know, that 100 places control 17% of all bitcoins in the system.