FC Barcelona reportedly in talks with cryptocurrency firms

fc barcelona

One of the world’s biggest football clubs, FC Barcelona may be on the verge of signing a deal with a crypto firm, as per reports in Spain. At the moment, the main sponsor of Barcelona is Rakuten. This firm has the Rakuten Wallet crypto exchange, which means that Barcelona is likely to be fond of a crypto-related shirt sponsor.

There is no accurate information on when the crypto sponsorship will be enforced, but one thing is sure – the deal that Barcelona has with Rakuten expires next year, which leaves a lot of space for this football giant.

The Intel from Unnamed Sources

Unnamed sources have told Spanish news agencies like Marca that even though Barcelona is currently negotiating a deal with this crypto firm, the club’s very careful and are proceeding with caution. As for the reason why, the National Securities Market Commission, or better known as just NSMC, has certain regulations when it comes to crypto sponsorships.

According to the National Securities Market Commission, companies or brands that run crypto ads and target more than 100,000 people need to send the details of their campaigns 15 days before they are launched. Considering the fact that Barcelona is a club/brand that has millions of followers from all around the world, the club would also be subject to this rule.

Moreover, because the market is extremely volatile at the moment, the National Securities Market Commission states that there should be warning signs attached to every crypto promotion. That would complicate things a bit with Barcelona, but if these reports are true, then there’s no doubt that the club will be able to promote itself according to the aforementioned laws and regulations.

Crypto Sponsorships Are Gaining Momentum

2021 has been the year of cryptocurrencies. The crypto world has managed to influence our lives in more ways than we can imagine. On the topic of sponsorships, it is worth mentioning that this would not be the first major crypto sponsorship deal.

Earlier this year, the world’s most prestigious MMA championship – the UFC, also signed a similar deal. The promotion partnered up with crypto platform Crypto.com and according to the deal, every UFC fight kit will have the Crypto.com logo.

Even though the terms of this deal have not been announced publicly, it is said that it is worth north of $170 million for 10 years. The CEO of Crypto.com, Kris Marszalek, stated that this is a historic deal that will help the world transition to cryptocurrencies much faster.

The CEO of Endeavor, a company that owns the UFC, states that the UFC is in unbelievable business shape. Furthermore, Ari Emanuel (the CEO) added that the world is going in a very positive direction when it comes to entertainment and Endeavor are at the centre of it all.

As for Barcelona, now news has been confirmed, but if the football club decides to accept a crypto sponsorship, it shouldn’t surprise the fans. After all, even though the crypto market has experienced a small drop recently, it is extremely valuable and worth billions of dollars.